Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Palaeolithic examples of live broadcast

It has been vaguely suggested that palaeolithic humans might have used camera obscuras to hunt, making a small hole in the side of a tent, they would have been able to watch an upside down projection of the nearby wildlife, waiting silently until one came near enough, to then jump out and grab it. This would have doubled as entertainment for other members of the group, small audiences sat upside down in these tents, sharing seeds and nuts, whilst watching the widescreen projection of a wrestle with an antelope or chubby pig. The audience, riding on the thrill of this awkward chase, but over time, not fully satisfied, began to develop more complex stories for these small cinemas, more turbulent narrative curves began going into production with jurrasic park style dinosaur costume rigs and reanimated dead matter, like the fox in antichrist.