Monday, 3 September 2018

Solar Motors

In Madagascan linguistics, words used to describe the past include taloha (before) and teo aloha (in front), and the future with aoriana (after/behind) and afara (last). In reverse of the understanding of future being ahead of you, and the past behind, within the Malagasy language, the future is behind you, because it is what you can't see and don't know. 

Electric motors are the pushers of linear time, and trampled on the plants role as official time keeper during the industrial revolution, straightening out the cyclic understanding which came with the seasons and weather of agriculture. In mechanised plant nurseries in the Netherlands, plants are manoeuvred, watered, repotted and sorted by automated robotic arms, within conveyor belt systems, these motorised systems enforcing their regulated precision on top of the plants more fluctuated understandings.