Tuesday, 11 September 2018

space proposal 2

To formulate an unfolding educational programme / facility / space

a focus on the initial variables but in place, whether these exist as specific 'workshop' areas, with a particular crew of people involved in pushing the limits of what can happen within these areas:

Cinema screening, library, communal kitchen, live video station, sound recording and development, the website, composite materials workshop, garden, theatre rehearsal space, residence studios, 

whilst the space allows for these activities to occur simultaneously, with an awareness of their various tempos, whilst doing what we can (spatially, financial, keeping things open.. access, architecture, involvement) to give enough leeway for these areas to spill into one another, and for risk to occur 

everything on wheels in order for the space to fold itself into exponentially multiple variations 

with scheduled visiting artists, seminars, presentations, critical sessions and workshops threading through all activities in the space, and creating loopholes between these areas

To push against the use of events as markers of a space's programme, to undermine the linear progression of this, but working from an understanding of event-based time concepts, in that events happen when they happen, and they happen when a spark occurs between two areas (in encouragement of the potential of multi-disciplinary working).

to focus the space on the development and mid-point of projects and activities, with an always increasing and rotational system of members, with regular open calls to encourage participation from those outside our immediate spheres. Using the walls of the space to contain and perpetuate an active momentum, understanding the space as catalyst, something you care for. For members to spin in and out of the orbit of, and redistribute this momentum elsewhere. To develop links with other international spaces to push international movement and exchange.

for this system to sustain itself, where it becomes unclear who pushed it into motion, and for it to develop a collective-motion, with collective-intention, made up of multiple attitudes and intentions leaning on one another. Beginning to self-organise its own patterns or routines of activity, also actively and regularly un-knots it's own program and reformulates it (decomposer) through regular group meetings.

to Provide a space that doesn't stem from central vertical spine but instead solidity occurs around the edge, the strength comes from the linking perimeter of events, occurrences,