Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Dream about eating battery

Dream About Eating Battery
Dream about eating and swallowing a battery, suggests that you are on the wrong path to spend your time and energy. You are motivated to do things that will bring negative results. You are overindulging in the sense of fake power and energy, these negative actions will ultimately destroy your own well being.

Dream About Broken Battery Leaking Acid
Seeing broken battery that is leaking fluid or acid, indicate serious health problems may be developing. You are likely to suffer health conditions that result in fatigue and lack of energy. Consider seeing a doctor and get your regular health check up.

To see of eating, swallowing or tasting a battery in your dream indicates that by abandoning your environment where you stay for a long time, you will try to make friendships with new people. If the taste of battery is bitter or you have a difficulty when you swallow it, you will be excluded from your new environment. Otherwise, you will adapt to your new environment easily.