Monday, 4 May 2020

Bio (March 2020)

I'm coming from a background in arts, with an interest in renewable energies. I would normally be working with sculpture, and more in clothing / fabric in the last year. I graduated from Slade school of art three summers ago, and whilst studying there a group of us opened Limbo, an arts + events space ( Developing spaces and working within groups has always been a super exciting and central catalyst for me. Since graduating, and for the two years afterwards, I had been working directly together with Victor Ruiz Colomer (who I started Limbo with), between London and Barcelona. Things clicked quite quickly, and we got accepted to do various projects in 2018, as part of Manifesta in Palermo, in the Moscow young biennale and a group show in Helsinki. We started working a lot with solar elements, paper making, and general processes of recycling material: both physically in sculptural elements and in the way each project would regurgitate into the next. We were running parties, running small crit sessions, live broadcast theatre experiments; documentation of this side of things is over here.. ( Through winter I was living back at my childhood village, working as a solar panel installer for a local family, and had a studio outdoors within a farm complex. Since February this year, I have been based in Berlin, here to work as an assistant for a friend on a new commission & gallery show, this also being something important to me, working in assistant roles for artists, as well as doing more applicable assignments: prop making, performance clothing, producing websites, etc.