Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Parabolic Facility @ Zona Mista - Aug 2019

small circuit demonstration ,, diverting water from the roof of the old Jewsons on Rollins St , which now houses a recycling plant and the Zona Mista studios ,, into the space to irrigate a series of banners / loose billboard proposals , made from cardboard so with the water & sun cycle their shapes continue to flex ,, pasted onto these were recycled paper posters from the last Regulator party (blue) and new ones for the Zona show (blended cardboard), all paper pressed with seeds so they are starting to sprout in new cycle after the cycle of the event they broadcast , these were being continuously watered on the cardboard structures from rain coming off the roof , the space dripping and roots pushing backward into the cardboard to knot and strengthen  , and powered by a mix from the mains and two of the recent solar panels , the curves of these cast and weaved against the same cardboard . 

Solar panels placed near the doorway, power a series of pumps, with rain water diverted from the rooftop of Zona Mista, into the project space, and irrigating a series of cardboard placards and noticeboards, onto which have recycled paper posters (for both the show itself, and old posters for previous events) pasted and pinned. These were made with detritus and seeds in the press, so with the water they begin to sprout.