Thursday, 23 May 2019

Message from ONA

Hello, I packed these words into a lunchbox of electricity and found the largest creature from my home, who is a galactic sport champion and universe renowned chef, to throw them as hard as they could towards your space island, which I've heard rumours is called Planet of Earth. We have heard that you have a party every single day of the year.. you wake up when the first beams of sun reach you, there is food in every colour, people move quickly on different types of wheeled animals made of plastic and metal, which you rescue from deep underground, there is music which travels huge distances from one side of the island to another, and you dance in a way we have never seen before, putting one foot in front of the other foot and moving forwards at different speeds and in different directions. In my home we only dance with our ears. My friends are on their way to this party, but they are worried they won't be able to join in. On my home we use many different types of arms and eyes and legs and ears and toes to be able to talk to everything around us at the same time, and know what is happening. They were embarrassed about these, so have not packed them in their suitcases, but I know they are going to need them. Can you help them make new ones when they arrive? They like to listen and talk to anything and everything, with trees, oxygen, pigeons, shadows, benches. Hope you can help! Thank you, ONA