Tuesday, 12 November 2019


They explained the progression from interest in similar things, to close friends, and as they felt more and more comfortable with each other to lovers. I'm not sure where from, but I feel this push against the want to find comfort within love, that when u get to the space of comfort it was tied to some sort stagnation, that things were needed to be stirred within a relationship. But for comfort to be the starting point to a relation, the foundation of something, pushing against this weird need for risk, that these risks are necessary to create high emotions, or value, or some sparks.

Comprehension not a sudden spark, but by a process of nibbling, then it looks like the curve of a graph, and that means we are already some distance up the slope.

Arythmy dance classes to starwars ontop of simpsons ontop of sum41.

During the Argentinian dictatorship (1976 - 1983) venn diagrams were banned from being taught at schools.

Hydraulic solar leaves opening.

He can dance with words the same way they can dance with feet.