Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Hi Harry,

Thanks for meeting me on Tuesday, was great to see the space, have been thinking about it a lot the last days, sorry for being slow on the email, was thinking to try send a lot of stuff, but maybe better to keep things simple atm.
Here is my website with projects from the last 3 years, if you click the links it goes through to more photos / info about each one..  

So the things I would quite like to keep working on, if possible to use the space at the barn, is some of the solar stuff..

So these are larger panels, from old projects, around 100 watts, and using these coloured panels we have been getting hold of from Taiwan,, with quite makeshift rain jackets for when we were using them outside. And then the last two images are the most recent attempts from last summer to make these movement sculptures which use solar, so they have small motors in there, this one uses the same principle as the mechanism which is used on the solar probe that was launched last year / maybe the year before .. using the shade / shadow so if one panel sees light it fires up the motor one way, and if the other sees light it fires up the opposite, so this little device is almost 'looking' for / looking towards the sun.. all these attempts are quite sketchy /dysfunctional , so they kinda have their own personalities spinning about. 

And then earlier this year I learnt how to sew / put clothes together, we went to Moscow last summer to be part of this exhibition,, and visited the Cosmonaut museum,, which had the most insane clothing in there, the sort of clothing you would wear under space suit, so designed with pipes running through to cool you down, a lot were based on high altitude fighter pilot gear, and because everything was one off / made to fit , they are super super complex but you can tell that everything is put together by hand, I read that they would buy uniform and clothing from other countries armies, dismantle them, copy the patterns and put their version back together, so everything almost has this hand-stitched feel,, this sort of thing..

I'd quite like to keep working on the sewing machine, not necessarily to make clothes but just to make these patchworks with a similar level of detail with straps zips toggles etc,, to then use in a more sculptural way, to grow plants from etc, keep daydream about working with waterproof fabrics and then having them in tanks of water to grow underwater plants / seaweeds from.

Maybe thats enough for now, getting a bit carried away sending stuff. Have been thinking about when u asked 'if i was green' the other day on the phone, around and around haha, I'm not really interested in solar energy or things like this in a 'save the world' way,, more out of curiousity , like I am quite into machinery and production and the mess inbetween. I used to do a lot with motorised parts, with a lot of wiring plugged into the mains, and everything moving on quite a strict tempo / rhythm, but with using solar elements these motorised /moving parts start to choose their own rhythms , they wake up etc.

Okay going to talk about the space, sorry kind of end up going on a roll if i start talking about things I want to be making..

I'm really excited about the space, I'd like to get involved. Hopefully it comes across from sending a bit of the work I've been making, but it is quite flexible, I'm quite excited to be working partly outside, in the area you showed me. I have worked doing building / labouring jobs for a lot of galleries and theatres over the year (have attached my CV which has more info on that side of stuff), as well as the roofing work I've been doing with the Solar company recently, and feel confident making a start on some of the sections we discussed, patching up the triangle with glass/perspex , just to stop the rain, maybe trying to partition off a small area underneath where the steel girders would come, just to make a small indoor area, but to do everything very step by step, for us to be both on the same page and happy with any fix-ups I am thinking of, and then to be involved in any of the work when it comes in terms of the showers, the unit where Ricky would be, etc. 

I don't know if this is rushing too much, but I now have a gap in work until Tues 19th, and would even be keen to get going as soon as possible, haven't had a space to work for the last 6 weeks now and starting to get a bit stir crazy ! Happy to put down any deposit money, or rent money, etc, let me know what you were thinking and what works for you. 

Okay, no rush on a reply atm, I will give you a call at the end of the weekend, see how it is sounding. 

Thanks again , speak soon, have a good weekend!