Friday, 23 August 2019


The first stage of a decomposed workshop, acting as an initial spark. A series of solar instruments, as gimmicks or gizmos, disintegrating the idea of solar and bringing it closer and warmer, easier to weave into daily thought and activities. The car dashboard solar-surfer, like the static-electric illusionists of the industrial revolution, like the shadow puppeteers of prehistoric fire. These heliotropic devices using a similar technique as the Parker space probe (who’s four solar panels peek around the edges of it’s composite shield to manoeuvre back into the safety of the shade, and keeping the shuttle in constant shifting alignment) and operate as compasses / signposts / dancers for the sun. Electric motors are the pushers of linear time, and trampled on the plants role as official time-keeper during the industrial revolution, straightening out the cyclic understanding of time which came with the seasons and weather of agriculture. The solar motor initiates a clash of these two understandings of time, developing a new pacemaker. Ignoring the potential for energy conservation to be more involved in a direct relay and translation of energy. Freeing the motors from their regulated tempo (in correspondence with the maintained pulse of electricity within a municipal power grid) and allowing them to fluctuate into a more turbulent and arythmic dance.